Our Core Competencies


By marrying machine learning-based quantitative models with fundamental real estate analysis, we intelligently select, valuate, purchase, and work-out Non-Performing second Liens (NPL’s).


We leverage deep industry connections to source residential Non-Performing second Liens (NPL’s) from banks, investment firms, accredited investors, and trustees.


Occasionally, we sell select residential Non-Performing second Lien (NPL) portfolios to accredited investors and firms. Please join our mailing list if you would like to see our listings.


o help educate investors and advocate for the industry, we aggregate data and publish research on the markets in which we participate.

Who We Are

We are a team with cross-functional expertise in credit modeling, finance, real estate, and technology.
Industry Experience

Founded in 2017, LienIQ is focused on understanding illiquid, off-the-run consumer credit opportunities - specifically on the US non-performing, residential second lien market. The team has extensive experience in consumer credit markets with competencies in analytics and investing. By evaluating second lien portfolios from third party brokers and community banks, the team discovered that a rigorous, model-driven approach was lacking and that using a scale-able second lien portfolio pricing engine would provide a marked advantage.

  • Credit Modeling

    Team members have previously built operational valuation engines for consumer credit assets including consumer, small business, and auto loans.

  • Finance

    We have the know how to probability weight exit scenario cash-flows and perform fundamental capital structure analysis on lien collateral.

  • Real Estate

    With experience managing physical assets, we can handle scenarios where real estate is auctioned, rehabbed, and sold-off.

  • Technology

    By leveraging best-in-class cloud computing and programming practices, we maximize speed and efficiency.